Welcome to Chloeaspreyblog

Chloeaspreyblog started life of, as simply a blog, and then it grew!

I am a psychotherapist and life coach & teacher. I use creativity and story telling as a teaching tool. I encourage the people I see to use creativity, in all it’s forms, as part of their learning and healing. The belief that we are not creative is simply not true, we all have the ability to create something.

There is a page on this website for my book; ‘Healing the ouch of Disppointment’. There are various teaching stories which I have posted. There is also a page about All Cranes of Peace,which is about spreading pictures of peace on the internet.

I have also added information about meditation.


I also have www.tiegsolus.moonfruit.com for Equinoxes and Solstices and more detailed information on meditation, including meditations themselves.

Enjoy exploring the site.