From Saffron to Firemen in Fakenham

From Saffron to Firemen in Fakenham

Wow from one week-end to the next, Fakenham and its surroundings keep proving there is nothing boring about living here. Last week-end I spent Saturday afternoon learning all about saffron and how widely grown it was in this part of Norfolk. The area around Walsingham was renowned for it from the Middle Ages to Georgian times. More history and more connections with Spirit of Place. Old saffron was used to make a beautiful vibrant yellow dye. Just seeing the scarves bathing in the vat was stunning and combined with some sunshine started to confirm that perhaps Spring was here at last.

About ten of us sat outside chatting as we experimented making different patterns on our scarves. It was a lovely connection to something that would, historically, have been part of our everyday lives. The icing on the cake was that I had been putting out to the Universe to connect with someone who had llamas or camels and there at the table was a lady who has alpacas in Norfolk.  For some reason spending time with these animals is very relaxing and a great stress buster. I can’t wait to go and see them and see if I can take some clients down there.

Aviva shared her experience in dyeing with us and Sally shared her passion for saffron which she grows in Burnham Norton.  Again personally I experienced that generosity of spirit I keep finding here as she provided a lovely tea for us and made special buns just for me as I don’t eat sugar and white flour. All this took place at North Creake Abbey which is flourishing day by day and becoming a centre for specialised shops and a regular farmers’ market but also for all sorts of activities.

This week-end it was my grandsons’ turn as the local fire station had an open day and being there was a dream come true for Oisin who is nearly five and proudly dressed in his fireman’s outfit. Then little Noah who is three spotted a very special fireman and rushed over to him for a hug and “high five”. They could easily have spent the whole day and longer there. When I asked Oisin what he liked best, he said “Everything!” Again that generosity of spirit was there and nothing was too much trouble. It was lovely to see the open day so well attended.

This is beginning to sound like a travel brochure for Fakenham and interestingly enough after the first blog was posted I was asked to come up to the school to talk to Year 7s who are doing just that – making a brochure about Fakenham. I am looking forward to hearing about their final versions but it was a lovely opportunity to be able to share my enthusiasm for where I live and to see theirs too.