Choices and perception

Interesting that at the moment I am looking at how much my thoughts influence my perception. Some of you might be thinking “well of course they do” and, yes, I know that too but I have decided to take a closer look at the choices I make and how quickly based on my perception.

For instance today is a beautiful sunny spring day, high tide on the marsh, colours vibrant and had a lovely walk with my grandsons. Saw a different perspective because of the high tide which reminded me of a similar scene with one of my son’s in November and a happy occasion. Do I always feel happy on days like today? A friend of mine talks about “being in hell in Paradise”. Thought provoking! In fact do I feel happy all of the time? What choices do I make and are they the right ones?

My honest answer is No. So what do I do when the answer is No? For me I can’t waive a magic wand and change my feelings like that, however I can acknowledge them, make the choice about “how long do I want to feel like this for?” and then start the process of changing my perspective. Sometimes this can happen quite quickly and at others it takes longer. The truth can be that at times I haven’t wanted to or been ready. Today I do know that staying in the gloom is more uncomfortable than asking for help/support even though I know I have to make the change myself. Usually I need to tell one other person what is going on, then it is what I call an inside job. If I stay in the gloom, I make the wrong choices – either too quickly or not all, reinforcing the gloom.

I have been teaching meditation a long time and over the last year I have been aware that one minute meditations are very effective and can work like pit stops during the day. One of the reasons they are effective is because doing one is the first choice we can make in changing our perspective. Worth trying …