SMELL the ROSES meditation workbook deadline!

The best laid plans … not meeting a deadline

Well here we are, the morning of 30th May and there is a strong possibility that I am not going to meet the deadline of launching the meditation workbook for SMELL the ROSES by tonight. For the past month I have been doing a 30 Day Challenge with John Williams for this reason – the workbook is ready, the website is there but …. I could gnash my teeth, cry, rubbish the whole 30 days (a bit dramatic) or just laugh!

Laughter feels the best option! Especially as in the workbook I say “Thoughts of meditation can fly out of the window when strong emotions are triggered. This can happen to all of us and it is helpful to be aware of what some of those triggers might be. A guaranteed one for me can be my computers playing up when I least expect it, especially when I have set myself some unrealistic deadline! What are yours?

As I have said, at some stage of working with meditation, you will probably get an attack of self-doubt. This can happen more than once especially when your intuition increases another notch or you might be overdoing it. I love the acronym RUD (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly) devised by Elon Musk and his team when they first started Space X. They experienced so many of their rockets exploding, they coined this tongue-in-cheek acronym to keep them going. Self-doubt can feel like rockets exploding in our brains. It is a very normal part of developing a skill and helps us move forwards.”

So there I was yesterday afternoon with my favourite triggers “computers and IT” combined and RUDs exploding in my brain. It was bound to happen but I needed to live in the solution. A quick two minute meditation got me back on track. At least enough to see, I was powerless over the IT stuff as it was now in someone else’s hands and of course they didn’t have the SAME deadline as ME – I can hear  my grandmother’s voice saying “Not his baby”.

After listening to the above meditation, I was left with what am I going to do instead. I decided to listen to the Bear Story as simply listening to it makes me smile. I don’t actually have to do anything else just listen. That’s what I did.

In a much calmer frame of mind this morning, here I am writing a blog post about my RUDs and how I changed my perspective. Whether I meet the launch deadline or not, this will get posted as it has helped me this morning – it might even help you. More importantly I will enjoy the rest of my day.

As I am about to post this, has gone live and the SMELL the ROSES Meditation Workbook has gone live ….

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