Feeling an “outsider” is something that I have experienced and share with many of my friends. It is also an issue that clients often bring to me in my practice as a life coach/psychotherapist.  Being able to connect with the spirit of (a) place is a great way to start gaining a sense of belonging. Being able to feel “part of” can bring so much pleasure and joy in our hearts. I feel passionate about this and all I can say is it is worth a try. Just go for a walk around where you live and say to yourself “I wonder …….” . My little grandson loves to look out the window asking questions and as we grow older we can lose that gift of curiosity.

A town or village is a good place to start because there are people there, even if it begins with a smile or a question about the place ….. Sounds a bit obvious, but we can still stay an “outsider” whilst connecting with the spirit of place in nature. Spirit of place, however, is also about nature and, interestingly, about our bodies so there are many more posts to come.

Storytelling can also be part of spirit of place. The aboriginal storylines are actually maps to help people find their way when they go walkabout. We can use stories in this way too, helping us to find our way through life….

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  1. simply comes at a time when it seems so relevant and reassures me of course that we are all living in an interconnected web of creativity. It sounds great that you are having a book,color therapy images we have. of course it will include music. How does this relate your blog? feeling an “outsider” for me it starts with my dogs then I connect to my Children and Grandchildren who of course all but one are going through there teens. They give me that sense of continuum. spend a lot more time with my mum she has vascular dementia and is now living in a care home near me. it is really stressful but has been a time to make amends I actually told her for the first time in
    55. I have got her knitting again and I am crocheting yrs. All this “happening” when feeling sometimes an “Outsider”. then I ask for a story from my mum.

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