We are all Cranes of Peace


Crane1This is my invitation to you to join me in creating an external expression of your internal desire for peace and releasing it out into the Universe.  For instance a friend of mine gave me some home grown tomatoes and ,they were so beautiful , I placed them in a circle and took a photograph as an expression of my desire for peace in every aspect of my life. Then we had them for supper – that was the release! It can be that simple.

How did this invitation evolve – well I woke up one morning with this question in my head “What exactly can I do about my feelings of powerlessness around world peace?” Well the Universe kindly sent me some inspiration. Within a few days I heard Sadako Sasaki’s story and how, still today, she inspired children all over the world, to send paper cranes to Hiroshima. The prayer on her statue is: “This is our cry; this is our prayer: Peace in the World”.  Her personal prayer as she made paper cranes was: “Peace Crane, I will write Peace on your wings and you will fly all over the World.”  This is a link if you would like to read more www.hiroshima-is.acjp/index.php?page=sadako-story.

Just in case I needed more encouragement, I read John Paul Flintoff’s story about Richard Reynolds. He had no garden of his own and started picking up cigarette ends from a municipal planter. This led him to connecting to networks of guerrilla gardeners who improve the urban environments we live in. John Paul points out that we rarely look for the potential in our limits and shortcomings. Richard’s greatest gift was he had no garden! Finally I read a tweet of Marianne Williamson’s which said: “In a world that is becoming more violent each day, let’s consciously create a field of peace.”

So I have a deep desire to create a field of peace with your help. This is not about creating a beautiful “work of art” but creating a beautiful field of peace – the intent behind the external expressions will do the work. Gather together, write, dance, sing, make…

These are a few examples whether you are with family, friends, at home, eating out or cooking – there are no limits. When releasing, this is something you could say: “In this moment in time, I dedicate this image/activity to my desire for peace in the world and so release it into the Universe.”

Tea for PeaceOisinTomatoes



I have set up a Pinterest board:  www.pinterest.com/chloeasprey/we-are-all-cranes-of-peace/  , a  Facebook page to post images and what you have done as an activity https://www.facebook.com/weareallcranesofpeace. I will personally twitter away too. You can send images of your creations to allcranesofpeace@gmail.com and I can post or pin them with your permission or you can pin them, create boards etc. It will be fantastic to see the field of peace we have created by 21st March 2014 but I am sure it won’t stop there.

On 21st March 2006, a thousand of my friends and family, and strangers we connected to ,joined 8000 people in Mexico to drum for peace and so the story continues. At the time my youngest son said “no-one should be deprived of their ability to have hope”. A few days ago his five year old son was the first to release his desire for peace (made out of flowers and stones) out onto the marsh where we live…


One thought on “We are all Cranes of Peace

  1. What a fantastic idea – I love things that are so simple and uncomplicated.
    Thank you so much for a fab idea!

    Oh just incase you like to know how I discovered you – it was through Stephanie Harrisions link of her Guidance monthly news.

    Bless You Wenda

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