Healing the Ouch of Disappointment


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I am really excited that this book is now out there. I am incredibly grateful to Felicity Kendal for writing the Foreword and Montessori for sponsoring it. This is how Philip Bujak from Montessori describes it on the back cover:

To those of us either just starting out of life’s journey, those a long way through it already or those lucky enough to have had a long journey but that is coming to an end, disappointments and emotional challenges will have been ever present shadows on our route. When they come, like any journey they are often unexpected and all too often of our own making – we could have seen them coming with more thought and we could have dealt with them better with more preparation. That is what this book is about.

Instead of a massive scientifically based psychological tome impossible to read and even harder to take in, Chloe Asprey has illuminated in easy to understand language and in a length that we can fit in over a cup of tea or a train journey, a series of examples of life’s disappointments and some ways in which we can prepare for them. Any individual will be able to relate to something in this book and those who are parents will be able to relate to it even more. As a Montessorian I appreciate only too well the value of trying to understand myself before trying to understand others. I recommend this book to anyone wherever they are on their own journey as a map of what might happen one day and how to deal with it.

Philip Bujak
Chief Executive
The Montessori St Nicholas Charity.

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