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“Healing the ‘Ouch’ of disappointment” by Chlöe Asprey is a sensible, interesting and charming book. She approaches a difficult subject with sensitivity and care.
Disappointment generally tends to be minimised. We are told to shrug it off, to get over it. Chlöe does no such thing. She illustrates her text with practical examples and simple pictures. There is no fuss and bother and, mercifully, no patronising psychobabble. A skilled psychotherapist tells a simple story – surely an oxymoron to Freudians. A human being encourages others to be human. The spiritual journey is gentle rather than oppressive and hectoring.
From reading Chlöe’s book, I look back at my own disappointments and see that they were real. I don’t gloss over them or magnify them. They just were. I accept them.

Dr Robert Lefever (leading expert on addiction)


Healing the ‘Ouch’ of Disappointment
I was delighted to receive my long-awaited copy of Chloe Asprey’s Book – Healing the ‘Ouch’ of Disappointment [and was NOT disappointed!].
I love the way Chloe shares and writes from a deeply personal perspective sharing so openly – she really bares her soul in order to help us heal our painful disappointments.  I read the book in virtually one sitting and felt like I was undergoing a deep transformational process. But this book would serve equally well as a point of reference to dip into and pick out relevant hints and insights.
She looks at the different types and levels of disappointment and how to identify them, often illustrated with stories from her clients and family. Interestingly she also looks at the positive aspects of disappointment. Drawing from her very many years of experience as a therapist and spiritual practitioner, as well as her own life experiences, she offers the readers many tools, practical tips and guidance. I especially loved the different ways she suggests of using journalling as a healing tool. The book is available from Amazon, by clicking here.
December newsletter Stephanie Harrison

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