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Bust the myths of meditation (who, how, when, where)

After many years of practising and teaching meditation, I have become more and more aware of how important it is to be able to readily access my intuition when faced with challenges in my daily life – I passionately believe that we can all develop meditation tools that suit us.



Did you know you have the wisdom of an owl?  

Owl Meditation Tools

Our intuition, combined with our instincts, was our original survival tool and it is still there today. Smell the Roses is about developing that muscle further in practical, down to earth ways and, for those who already meditate, an opportunity to reflect on your practice.




Shortly a Smell the Roses booklet will be coming out, where you can;

  • Discover what meditation really means for you
  • Explore how you, as an individual, can meditate finding your own methods
  • Learn to meditate wherever and whenever to suit you
  • Identify the benefits of creating your own daily practice
  • Interpret the signs the Universe is constantly and so abundantly giving you as answers to your questions


In the meantime there are lots of meditations on