Ode to Mole

My lovely darling mole – how I have missed  you.
Your ancient sacred mounds abound but no you.
So I have journeyed round the patch wondering where you are.
This time of exploration has taken me scrambling under bushes, …
squelching barefoot in forbidden fields, returning to ruined abbeys,
wandering amongst graveyards down the lane, pockets bulging with stones
Sitting on benches new and old, contemplating adventures that have included you.
You who is always found in sacred spaces, my dear mole – for you are a guide
down into the labyrinth of crystal pathways connecting all beings,
Our universe and beyond to Great Mystery.
There I was on hands and knees mesmerised by the beauty of raindrops…
Was that a twitch of earth I sensed as the marigolds swayed without the wind?
A tiny pink nose, a little hand as delicate as a new born babe’s
making a shadowy appearance or was it imagination?
To my delight new earth  between the flagstones, my heightened senses
full of anticipation, brought a smile into my heart.
Welcome home dear friend. With love and gratitude this mandala is for you in celebration of the spirit of this wondrous place where we live side by side…
Symbolic Meaning of Mole:
mandalaTeaches expression of nature and sensitivity to surroundings, alertness and awareness of what is happening around you, aids in self-introspection. shows how to find hidden parts of your spiritual being, teaches to listen and feel carefully while using intuition. Mole teaches lessons of grounding and working toward a goal. Are you truly listening to others and circumstances? Listen beyond the obvious, trust your intuition on this. Are you eating right?

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