Walkabout Meditation

Walkabout Meditations

Connecting with Spirit of Place is one of the most rewarding things to do because it just keeps giving. Sometimes it is difficult to meditate in conventional ways or in quiet specifically dedicated spaces. I have called this form of meditation “walkabout meditations” because that is exactly what they are.

Whilst we go about our daily lives, the Universe is always giving us information. We used to use this information as a map to guide us as we travelled about. Some cultures still use these techniques like the Aboriginals with the songlines. These techniques are in-built in our DNA. How to use this information is a muscle we have forgotten to practice and these examples can help you exercise this muscle. There is an example for a street, the countryside (a park or by water) and travelling by train (any form of transport) with simple interpretations. You might like to see what the images mean to you and what kind of question would they answer

Try going for a walk or journey asking a question before you set out and write it down then put it aside. Just before you start the walk (or journey) ask to receive the information that you need for your highest good—then set off. Once you are back make a note of what you have observed, smelt or heard—you can write it as a story, bullet points or the message might be very clear. You can look up the meaning of symbols, colours, animals, plants etc. to help you colour in the story.

It is helpful to pause when you come back and ask the Universe to bring you back to the energy levels that are right for you to go about your daily life. This is really important as it will ground you and stop you from being too receptive and end up with too much information which will be confusing. Keep it simple and take little steps to practice.

The more you exercise this muscle, the easier it gets and you can begin to receive information just by looking up whilst sitting on the underground or a sentence can jump out of a book, the television or the radio – even an overheard conversation. However, it is important that when you get to this stage you have a regular practice of grounding yourself and filters in place as again you can end up being too open.

I spotted the London Transport poster when I was wondering about how long my book “Healing the Ouch of DIsappointment” was taking to be published. It is now coming out in October which is great timing and I dont “mind the gap” and the poster for a book right in front of me when I got off the train was when I wondering how to describe what meditation was about and especially the walkabout ones.I could see that they are a form of pilgrimage marrying our instincts and intuition, I could even say it can be thrilling!.







There is a whole section on www.tiegsolus.moonfruit.com on the Meditation Page to guide you through a selection of meditations and grounding/filter exercises.



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